The Gourmet’s Guide to Healthy Eating: What Foods Help Lower Cholesterol?

If you are wondering about what foods help lower cholesterol, you might want to read this article because this article will certainly tell you a few of what foods help lower cholesterol fast.

For you people interested to know more about cholesterol, you have to know that cholesterol level ties directly with what food we eat. If we eat foods with high cholesterol, we will have low cholesterol level. On the other hand, if we do the opposite, we will also get the opposite result. Eat a high cholesterol food and it can be a gateway to opening yourself to many diseases that will not be pleasant.

In order to help you guys know what foods help lower cholesterol, I have collected some foods that are either low in cholesterol or the foods that will answer your ‘what foods lower total cholesterol level’ question.

To avoid any potential time waste, it will do us good to start with the first food I can recommend: oats 

Oatmeal and any other oats out there

Oats are often advertised as a food that can reduce cholesterol level. Oats are often included in many breakfast platter because they are a good food that can help you jumpstart your metabolism. Oats are easy to cook and simple to gourmet-ize (my term for ‘easy to make delicious’). Oats are cheap and you can basically found almost everywhere.


All of the facts above are right. Oats, whether you cook it salty or sweet, can be a good food that will reduce cholesterol. Aside from being a cholesterol killer, it contains fiber that will make your potty time even more comfortable. Cooking it is not hard as well. Just mix it with hot water, microwave it with hot water, or throw them into the pot with hot water in it. They are adaptable to any tongues and not many people are allergic to it. 

Bean, but not the mister one

Beans, if you think about it, do have an odd look to it do they not? Some of them can also taste weird, but everything that tastes weird is often good for you.

Beans, like oats, are filled to the brim with fibers. Everything that is filled with fibers will make your body feel full for a longer period, hence reducing any feeling of wanting to snack. For that very reason, I include beans in here. 

Citrus fruits and apple

While all fruits are good as long as you eat them in modesty, all citrus fruits and particularly apples are good if you want to lower your cholesterol intake. Again, they are filled with fibers, but not just any ordinary fibers. The fibers within them are pectin fiber, which soluble easily and help lower LDL cholesterol. 


I put beans up there on the list, but I do think that soybeans deserve its own place because their ability to lower bad cholesterol is often overlooked. Soybeans are basically the gods of beans when it comes to lowering LDL cholesterol.

I guess that is all about the foods in today’s topic. I hope this article can answer your ‘what foods help lower cholesterol’ question.

What Foods Give You High Cholesterol

If you get high cholesterol, it means that your high-density lipoprotein (HDL) level in your body is low which further shows a bad signal in your body, thus, it is important to control what foods give you high cholesterol. There are many chronic diseases that could threaten your body’s health due to a high level of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) such as heart diseases.

Once the cholesterol level is high, it will automatically stick and accumulate to the walls of blood vessels. If this case doesn’t address immediately, then the buildup of cholesterol will be able to clog the blood vessels so not only high blood pressure will happen but also other chronic diseases such as stroke, coronary heart diseases as well as heart attack can be the greatest threat to the patients, thus it is important for you to be aware of what food cause high cholesterol levels as below:

    1. Pizza

We all can not deny that pizza is one of the most favorable foods in the world. It is indeed very tasty since it has various choices of toppings that can be adjusted to your tastes. However, did you realize that pizza is rich in cheese substances and meat that makes it on the top list of fatty food that can further lead increasing your LDL levels. Consuming it once in a while will not be a big deal. However, it will be different if you eat it excessively that it can spend 1 portion of medium up to large size alone. Simply enjoying 1 slice of pizza is actually the safest way to consume this food. Either way, you can make your own pizza by adding a vegetable topping that is rich in fiber rather than having saturated fat as the toppings.


    1. Egg yolk

Many people prefer yolk rather than white albumen. There are also people who like to eat the yolk the last after eating up the whites. In fact, this habit needs to be erased since yolk is one of the main food causes of high LDL level.

    1. Ice cream

Just like pizza, ice cream is also considered as one of the most favorable desserts in the world. In fact, ice cream becomes one of the foods that cause a high level of LDL. The level of bad cholesterol in ice cream is big and can even be considered higher than what doughnut may have.

    1. Shrimp

Similar to squid, this kind of seafood indeed tastes very delicious. However, you need to be aware of the nutrients in shrimp. Shrimp does not only cause an allergic reaction in some people. In every 100 mg of shrimp contains 195 mg cholesterol that can increase the LDL levels in your body.

    1. Chocolate

Many people like chocolate not only because of its sweet taste but also it can reduce stress. However, you need to be aware of this food since it contains 290 mg cholesterol.

Those are 5 items of what foods cause high bad cholesterol for you to be aware of.

Foodies Beware: Food that Contain Cholesterol that You Should Avoid

Finding a food that contain cholesterol is easy. You just have to look everywhere and you will basically find lots of them. Why? Because nearly every food contains cholesterol in them. If you manage to find a food without no nutritional value in them, then, by all means, please tell me about them because I am very interested in learning about it.

For today’s article, still on the topic of foods and cholesterol within them, we are going to talk about foods that contain bad cholesterol in them. Without further ado, let us begin with the first food in the list: the oils 

Not all oils, just canola oil, and processed vegetable oil

I have to admit that while I do believe that canola oil is tasty, it is very unhealthy. Every oil will go through a process of hydrogenation, and when a canola oil undergoes this process, every hells known to man will break loose. They will be filled with trans fats. Trans fats are not too healthy for you (its effect are even more detrimental to a human’s body), so avoid this oil at all cost if you are cooking.

Other oils that can be dangerous when they go through hydrogenation are safflower oil, vegetable oil, corn oil, and soy oil. If you can, do not bother using these oils for a reason explained above. 


The ‘good’ snacks

The ‘good’ snacks that I am talking here are potato chips and many other processed snacks. Again, I have to admit that potato chips and many processed snacks are tasty (and I am guilty of eating them once in a while), but along the taste comes a danger that will ultimately make your life harder. They are a part of the food groups that contain bad cholesterol in it, so avoid them to make your life easier to live in the future.

That does not mean you should ALWAYS avoid them. Once in a while is always good, but do not eat them twice a day or so. 

I hate to say this but I should because it is absolutely dangerous: bacon

Ah, we have arrived at this food item.

Bacon to me is what Achilles to his heel. Bacon is my weakness, a personal ambrosia that I love to indulge myself with. It is a food of the heavens, a combination of salty and tasty that dances around my tongue like a spark of ember by the bonfire. It is God’s gift to the world, and it is probably the best food ever invented (speaking from personal opinion. Do not judge me).

Sadly, when I analogize the connection between me and bacon with Achilles and his heel, there is a glaring thing that I have to acknowledge. The cholesterol within the bacon is the Paris with his bow and arrow. As when Paris finally killed the immortal Achilles with a clean shot to Achilles’ heel, the cholesterol within bacon will kill me with a not-too-clean shot to the heart. Both me and Achilles will not like it, but that is what we get from indulging ourselves on the things that will doom us: Achilles in his wars, and me in my bacons.

Pretty dramatic explanation regarding one of the things that contain cholesterol, no?

Although you can find many more foods that contain bad cholesterol in them, these three foods are the most dangerous regarding food that contain cholesterol, so never indulge yourself in them at all times.