Foods With Bad Cholesterol

For you who have a high level of cholesterol, then you should be aware of foods with bad cholesterol. Not only then you need to prevent some food intake but also you need to consume more foods with no bad cholesterol. Below are some lists of foods that lower bad cholesterol and raise the good one.

  • Common foods with bad cholesterol
    1. Liver

Apart from consuming cow’s brain, liver is also on the list of common foods with bad cholesterol. There are as much as 564 mg of cholesterol that can be found on per 100 grams. Meanwhile, there is cholesterol content of 311 mg you can get from the liver that has been going through the process of cooking. Occasional eating of this seafood will not be a problem, however, adults have been suggested not to eat excessively since it can significantly increase your LDL levels.

    1. Margarine/butter

There are quite a lot of people who also enjoy eating margarine and butter. However, an excessive consumption of margarine or butter may also trigger the LDL level to rise. There is around 215 mg of cholesterol in 100 mg of margarine or butter in which there is 20 mg of cholesterol present per tablespoon. By limiting the consumption of margarine or butter can help you to control the cholesterol level in your body.


    1. Chicken Meat

Another list of food with bad cholesterol is chicken meat. In fact, the chicken breast is the safest part of the chicken meat to eat and often consumed by people who are on diet. Meanwhile, the thigh is the main part of the chicken meat to watch out for. Please be noticed that 1 piece of chicken thigh along with the skin contains high fat substances compare to 1 piece of a chicken thigh without skin. The risk of having high cholesterol is higher when you consume fried chicken.

  • Foods to lower cholesterol
    1. Rice and grains

Rice and grains are foods with free cholesterol that are easy to get in the market and even become a staple food in several countries. Grains and rice contains high starch substances and has little or even no cholesterol and also no record of additional fat ingredients during the process.


    1. Mushroom

Mushroom can be the best choice for food with no cholesterol.  Mushroom can also be the best food to cure people who suffer from high cholesterol only if there is no other mixed substance that contains fat during the making process or when it is served.

    1. Potato

Another good food to lower cholesterol is potato. However, you need to be aware of the way potato being served. Because most potato is served in form of French fries that has low cholesterol but contains high fats. Thus, if you have a high level of cholesterol but you want to consume this food, the best choice is you choose French fries with low fat or baked potato.

Those are all the recommended lists of foods that lower bad cholesterol and raise good that you need to know.